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Poetry Contest

From Jemez Thunder, May 15, 2002

Poems by 40 young people were selected to be printed in a book published by the library. Each poet received a free copy of the book, and copies are available in the Jemez Springs Public Library and the school libraries at Jemez Valley and San Diego-Riverside. Printing the book was funded by Friends of the Library. Judges were Robert Borden, John Cook, and Ted Greer.

Following are the poets: Ronald Toya, grade 5; Jesse Madalena, grade 2; Jessica Tsosie, grade 3; Lucky Lasater, grade 3; Michael Ryan Peck, grade 3; Lizzie Wasilewska, grade 3; Katlynn Swetman, grade 1; Traci Gachupin, grade 3; Shalana Gachupin, grade 7; Bert Pecos, grade 8; Larissa Gachupin, grade 6; Leandra Baca, grade 6; Ashley Seonia, grade 6; Gabriel Henderson, grade 6; Shayna Grandbois, grade 5; Rosemary Burritt, grade 4; Teeah Toya, grade 3; Tomas Cordova, grade 5; Rachel Garcia, grade 10; Anton Sena, grade 10; Samantha Gonzales, grade 2; Kira Tafoya, grade 4; Lance Anderson, grade 4; Nicholas Leyba, grade 5; Ryan D. Gutierrez, grade 5; Dyanna Seonia, grade 2; Jalen Kucate-Yepa, grade 2; Emily Jaramillo, grade 2; Kaitlyn Yepa, grade 3; Author: Amber Trehern, grade 1; Angel Garcia, grade 3; Lawrence Garcia, grade 1; Victoria Lucero, grade 4; Mariah Gachupin, grade 4; Brandon Shendo, grade 4; Cristina Del Castillo, grade 4; Iain Jaramillo, grade K; Keith Garcia, grade K; Dylan Parrett, grade K; Dominic Garcia, grade 5.

Transcribed from Jemez Thunder, May 1, 2001

All classrooms at Jemez Valley Schools were invited to submit poems, and 20 students were selected as winners in this year’s student poetry contest. A panel of judges chose a winner from each classroom, and each winner was awarded a gift certificate for free beverage and dessert, courtesy of the Laughing Lizard Cafe. Sixteen of the winners read their poems at the Open Mike Poetry Reading at the Lizard on April 25.

Winners were Jasmine Lovato and Auriel Trujillo (tie), kindergarten; Angelica Romero, Garret Stash and Emily Jaramillo (tie), first grade; Garrett Barber and Nickolas Colon, second grade; Corina Trujillo. Richard Gentry and Mary Peifer (tie), third grade; Liz Paez and Leroy Trujillo, fourth grade; Loretta Stacy, fifth grade; Mariah Gonzales, sixth grade; Keith Panama, seventh grade; Nadine Jaramillo and Tina Archuleta, eighth grade; Colin Ramsey, ninth grade; Patricia Garcia, tenth grade; Janice Tosa, eleventh grade.

Judges were Ted Greer. Judith Isaacs, Margaret May and Sam Rivera for elementary and mid-school, and John Cook, Ted Greer and Judith Isaacs for high school.