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Students participating in the Land of Enchantment Book Club brought their lunches to Jemez Valley School Library on Tuesdays and learned about books while they ate. In one session, fourth graders kneaded dough to make hardtack, like the Revolutionary War soldiers ate in the book, They Called Her Molly Pitcher. School librarian Mildred Peck and Deborah Williams, Children’s Program Coordinator for the Jemez Springs Public Library, coordinated the weekly program.


These children were in the Land of Enchantment reading program that the library offered to students at Jemez Valley Elementary School in 2007.


Student kneads dough to make hardtack.


Another fourth grader marks off his second book on the Land of Enchantment book chart.

Readers who finished at least three books from the list then voted for their favorite, and their votes were added to those from around the state to choose the Land of Enchantment Book of the Year. For more information on the ongoing Land of Enchantment Book Award Program, go to

1998 was the 400th anniversary of the Spanish arrival in New Mexico. Institutions all over the state scheduled programs to commemorate the event. The library chose to invite elders from the community to meet for four consecutive weeks with children at the Jemez Valley Community Center. Children had the opportunity to hear stories about the history of previous generations to complement their lessons on the history of the state.

Children and seniors sit together to talk and look at old photos.

Children wrote poems and stories; the main project was making paper mach masks.

1998-01-01_ChildrensProgram07 1998-01-01_ChildrensProgram06



The finished products were displayed in the library.