Thanks to Symposium Volunteers

Letter to the Editor transcribed from Jemez Thunder, Feb. 15, 2002

The Authors Symposium sponsored by the Friends of the Library was a smashing success thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this a memorable event for our Jemez Valley.

First and foremost, we would like to thank the three authors who were willing to take time from very busy schedules, coordinate with us and all be available at the same time. Each one – Rudolfo Anaya, Tony Hillerman, and N. Scott Momaday — shared with us all their love of our beautiful valley and gave us hints about the creative process. They were charming, informative and open. We are deeply grateful to them.

Morris Taylor, Vice President Friends of the Library and de facto Chairperson of the event, had the vision and perseverance in making the symposium a reality. We thank and salute his fine leadership. We also thank and salute Kathleen Wiegner for an outstanding job in handling the publicity for the event and, of course, as moderator.

There are so many others who were instrumental in making this a memorable event including the Library Director, Judith Isaacs, the library staff and many volunteers. Thanks to Jemez Valley High School Principal Jerald Snider who was a 100% supporter from the very beginning, along with Superintendent Paula Papponi and the School Board. The High School staff ensured all of the extra seating, thank you. We also thank Elsie MacKinnon. We certainly had luck on our side from many areas, not the least of which was the use of the sound system supplied by KUNM. There are so many others, too numerous to list. Thank you all!

We extend much appreciation to all of the wonderful people who attended and crowded in with grace to enjoy the program. What a special day for our valley! Here’s hoping there are many more.

San Winter, President
Friends of the Jemez Springs Library


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