Margaia Forcier-Call, Story Lady Extraordinaire

[In 2004, Margaia Forcier-Call volunteered to be the Story Lady and continued for 9 years.] I very much enjoyed being Story Lady with the children of the Jemez. Sitting on the floor with them, on our “story-time quilt” made by Donna Lea, was a time of many precious moments. Not only did … More Margaia Forcier-Call, Story Lady Extraordinaire

First Tri-Cultural Authors Symposium

Excerpts from a column by Jim Belshaw in the Albuquerque Journal, Oct. 10, 2005 I like the way that, three years ago, Morris had a grand idea about getting three literary Masters of the Universe together in Jemez Springs to talk about what they do. For free. He thought it … More First Tri-Cultural Authors Symposium